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How to Make Money Online for Beginners – Overview

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I stated in my last post that I intend to provide a blueprint of how I specifically make money online.  This is the first chapter of that blueprint, or Beginner Series as I am calling it.  Today I am going to give you an overview of the process.  A part of this process involves building websites.  I understand that the prospect of building a website yourself may intimidate some of you.  I want to assure you that it is a very easy thing to do nowadays.  The creation of a website, the way I do it, involves little more than pushing a button.   Adding new pages or content to it is no more difficult than sending an email.  I will explain how to do both, in detail, in a future post, but for the time being, as you read through this, don’t let the thought of building a website be a sticking point for you. 

Now on to how I make money blogging.… [read the full post]

Welcome to Revenue Blogging Version 3.0

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Cut of the red ribbon Yes this is the third, and hopefully final, launch of this blog.  The difference between this and the last two times I tried to get this going, is I now have the experience and knowledge to back up what I will be writing about.  Two things that were sorely lacking previously.

The Past

My name is Greg Young and I am a full-time Internet Marketer.  My journey began three years ago when I was listening to Leo Laporte’s Tech Guy podcast.  He was talking about John Chow and how he was making $10,000 a month from his personal blog.  I visited John’s site and if you knew it back then, you remember it was a simple blog and the posts really weren’t anything Earth shattering.  Some would say they still aren’t, but I am not here to critique anyone else’s way of doing things; he was making money online and I wasn’t.  I figured I could do what he was doing.  I was working a full-time corporate job at the time… [read the full post]